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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment is probably the most recognized approach that is being used widely today. Using both cognitive and behavioral approaches to problem solving, it can be highly effective when administrating traditional therapy. This basic therapeutic approach can be modified by the attending therapist to fit into the personality style of the youth.

Behavioral Therapy is effective when the youth requires some basic tangible rewards for changing his behavior. Setting goals that have achievable rewards have high value to youth who need to see tangible results. As we know, some youth learn societal values just from practicing doing things the right way to achieve tangible rewards. If a youth learns to come home at a certain time during the week in order to achieve beneficial points, he eventually may learn that coming home on time is a socially acceptable behavior.

Reality Orient Therapy can be quite effective with youth when they have significant basic real life experience. Sometimes a youth needs to know which way to turn to stay safe, or to achieve tangible goals. Although the original Reality Therapy, started by Dr. William Glasser in the 1960’s, was designed to get beyond the myth of labeling people with mental problems, it is used in a different manner at the R.E.F.U.G.E. We believe that when a youth has a clear idea of what he needs to do, or not do, in this society, he can develop a basic grasp of how to use his abilities to be more successful.