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The R.E.F.U.G.E. operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing personal and therapeutic care, habitation, developmental and supportive health services to 12 male & 6 female youths, ages 6-17 years, with various environmental and behavioral challenges. Care and treatment is provided to those persons considered ambulatory. Treatment services will be provided to each client in the most normalized manner available, allowing each person to progress to the most independent level of functioning. Individualized treatment is developed by the team and systematically implemented throughout the clients’ waking hours. Clients will receive those services identified as being essential to developmental needs in accordance with their Needs and Service Plan.

Initial Assessment

The R.E.F.U.G.E. ensures that each client receives an ongoing treatment program, which includes aggressive, consistent implementation of a program of specialized and generic training, treatment, health services and related services directed toward:

    1. the acquisition of the behaviors necessary for the client to function with as much self-determination and independence as possible; and
    2. the prevention of regression or loss of current optimal functional status. Any medication used for behavioral control shall be part of a client’s Needs and Service Plan, which employs least restrictive interventions first in an effort to manage behaviors. Since medications may be viewed as chemical restraint, their use will be carefully reviewed. The treatment plan shall also include the gradual reduction fo such medications as ordered by the physician. These medications will be carefully monitored by staff and regulated by physician’s orders.

Within 30 days following admission, the Clinical Director, the clinical team, social work staff, direct care staff and the placing agency case worker shall meet, review and update pre-adminssion reports. Clients’ status is assessed, strengths and weaknesses considred. Clients’ needs and requests will be prioritized, and objectives developed resulting in the Needs and Service Plan. A written evaluation will be provided by the facility. Hence forth, the treatment team will meet quarterly to review and update the progress of the client. Any member of the interdisciplinary team may call a special conference to discuss and reconsider changes to the program developed.

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Medication Therapy

Our program is also designed to help the youth that needs appropriate medications to assist him to achieve his maximum benefit. If the youth comes to the program with medication needs, we will make sure that the medication is continued as prescribed. However, the mental health team will triage the youth on a weekly basis to ensure that he is benefiting from the prescribed medication. The team works closely with any physician to provide feedback regarding the effectiveness of the medication and report any negative side effects. The mental health team also works closely with the residential staff to gain any important feedback from them regarding medication effectiveness. In the case where a resident is deemed by the mental health team to achieve benefit from possible medication, the matter is discussed with the social worker and proper procedures are then followed.